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DOW FILMTEC Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) 2.5" Membrane Elements

FilmTec elements from Dow feature a spiral wound design and are based on the FT30 thin-film composite polyamide membrane, which has long been the industry standard for RO performance. The FilmTec FT30 membrane consists of three layers: an ultra-thin polyamide barrier layer, a microporous polysulfone interlayer, and a high-strength polyester support web. These filmtec membranes are the foremost reverse osmosis membranes throughout the water purification systems market. The FT30 membrane has been continuously updated and refined to provide greater durability, higher rejection, improved membrane flux, and low fouling performance. Today's FT30 membrane is uniquely uniform in performance and quality, without the taped or glued defects that can cause other membranes to fail. Bacterial and virus-related organisms in the water are purified by the membrane’s elements.Integrating the Dow filmtec original membrane design with state-of-the-art fouling aversion and pureness provide the best characteristics to improve durability and cleaning effectiveness. These features are coupled with terrific element performance over the lifespan of the spiral wound brackish water reverse osmosis element. What results is easy cleaning of biofilm, organic substances and scale, which is achieved directly from the most advanced Dow Filmtec membrane installation available today.The reliability and durability of these membranes results in less system operation costs, and reduces the chances of leakage, which causes poor water quality. Good understanding and execution of the basics of reverse osmosis can minimize troublesome and costly problems in the future.

Thin-Film Composite (TFC Membrane) design

The TFC membrane consists of three layers: a polyester support web, a microporous polysulfone interlayer, and an ultrathin barrier coating on the top surface.

FilmTec thin-film composite membranes (TFC membranes) are the world’s leading RO membrane for water purification systems. To date, more than 1,000,000 FilmTec membranes have been installed in water treatment systems worldwide.

DOW FILMTEC Tap and Brackish Water Commercial Element Features

Brackish water reverse osmosis systems have become the preferred solution for water treatment system needs in lieu of conventional demineralization. Reverse osmosis membranes, such as dow filmtec membranes, are now the main products used as pretreatment tools for water deionizers and electrodeionization systems. Here are some of the perks provided by Dow Filmtec to those in need of reverse osmosis applications:

  • High rejection results in ultrapure water

  • High flux produces greater yields

  • Less energy consumption saves power & energy costs

  • Resilient with easy cleanability for long-lasting membrane life

  • Filmtec quality and execution

Applications for DOW FILMTEC Membrane Installation

Dow FilmTec Membranes

Tapwater Commercial RO

 2.5"x40” and 4"x40” membranes, TW30, XLE, LP, BW30, TW30HP

Tapwater Industrial RO

 4”x40” and 8”x40” membranes, l BW30, BW30LE, LE, XLE, FR, RO, HSRO

Seawater RO Elements

 2.5"x40”, 4”x40” and 8"x40” Seawater membranes, SW30, SW30HR, SW30HRLE

Nanofiltration Elements

 4”x40” and 8"x40” Nanofiltration membranes, NF90, NF270, NF200, NF

Semiconductor Grade

 8" Dia. Semiconductor SG, SG30

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