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Commercial SWRO Machine 1300 GPD - Philippines

Product Description

Application: Drinking Water on Remote Island

Water Challenges: Producing drinking water on a remote island is an extremely tall task to make considering the minimal sources of freshwater in these locations. Since rivers, lakes, and wells are insufficiently present on the islands, the ocean is relied upon to be used as the primary source of water extraction for treatment. Seawater contains far too high levels of salinity and harmful minerals to be used as drinking water. Humans who consume enough untreated sea water eventually succumb to dehydration and pass away. For this reason, seawater must undergo thorough water treatment, such as seawater reverse osmosis, which works by removing virtually all the salt and minerals within the water and converting it into fresh and clean drinking water.

Applied Solution: A commercial SWRO machine to a major company in the Philippines. The machine came complete with an advanced microprocessor control along with pretreatment consisting of a multimedia filter and an antiscalant dosing system. The SW-1.3K-425 machine was designed to produce 1,300 GPD at a maximum 37,000 PPM feed water TDS. The machine was selected from our SWC Series.


This is model SW-1.3K-425 from our SWC Series.



  • SWRO System [SWC series]
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control
  • Multimedia Filter
  • Antiscalant Dosing System
  • Flow Rate: 1,300 GPD; 37,000 PPM




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Pure Aqua| Commercial SWRO Machine Philippines 1,300 GPD 00:57

Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to commercial SWRO machines. In April 2013 this SWRO machine was completed and shipped to the Philippines. It is intended to be used on seawater that is approximately 37,000 ppm. This water has to be reduced approximately to less than 500 ppm in order for it to be deemed consumable. For more information click here:

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