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Clack Pyrolox Filtration Media

Product Description

Through a natural chemical reaction, Pyrolox has the ability to help produce clean, high-quality water. Pyrolox filter media works by oxidizing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in problem water. Trapped particulate is then removed from the media bed during the backwash cycle.

Oxidant Feed:

To maintain and further augment the long-term performance and removal capacity of the media, an oxidant feed of some type is recommended. This will maintain the media and enhance removal capacity. Chlorine injection (options include chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, or calcium hypochlorite) immediately up stream of the filter feed is a simple way to meet this recommendation. Other acceptable oxidants include air injection, potassium permanganate, sodium permanganate, etc. Hydrogen peroxide is specifically prohibited for use as an oxident.

  • It is important that Pyrolox media is backwashed properly to ensure adequate bed expansion and continued service life.
  • It is recommended that Pyrolox be installed with an underbed and be backwashed daily. Individual application requirements may vary.
Order Information
Part No. Description Cu. Ft. /Bag Wt./Cu. Ft. Bags/Pallet Weight/Pallet Pallet Dimension
A8005 Pyrolox 0.5 (60 lbs.) 120 lbs. 50 3050 lbs. 42" x 42" x 43"

Physical Properties:

• Color: Black
• Bulk Density: 120 lbs./cubic foot
• Mesh Sizes: US 8 x 20, US 20x40,
UK 18/44
• Specific Gravity: 3.8
• Packaging: 60 lb. bags, 2,000 or
2,205 lb. super sacks

Conditions for Operation

• pH: 6.5-9.0
• Bed Depth: Suggested depth
18 inches. Dependent on application and water quality.
• Backwash Flow Rate: 25-30 gpm/sq.ft.
• Freeboard: 40% of bed depth (min.)
• Underbed: Garnet #8, #8-#12. #3 Silica. Other materials are also suitable but must keep media from migrating downward and be heavy enough to remain in place during backwash.
• Service flow rate: 5 gpm/sq. ft.



• Effective reduction of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide
• Durable media with long service life

[custom-documents]Clack Pyrolox Filtration Media Data Sheet [/custom-documents]
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