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Automotive-Parts Plant - Mexico

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System for Maximizing System Recovery (Automotive-Parts Plant in Mexico)

Pure Aqua, Inc. recently started working with a Mexico-based Japanese company to provide them a water filtration solution to treat a city water supply to attain a low TDS water quality needed for their equipment. The plant makes automotive products for different car brands and one of their environmental stewardship is to reuse the waste water they produce, as well as decrease their city water supply needs. Pure Aqua and the customer discussed multiple options that Pure Aqua offered and came to an agreement on the proper water filtration systems to do the job.

The system built is a 2-prong approach, which involved a series of water filtration as discussed below:

  • Double Pass RO (DPRO) and EDI to produce pure water dictated by the process equipment specifications. The 1st pass is composed of 8-units of 4”x40” membranes that was designed to recover (55%) of the feed. The permeate of the 1st pass RO is fed into the 2nd pass RO to further reduce the TDS. Then, the permeate of the 2nd pass RO is fed into the EDI system. The EDI will then drop the water TDS to the required quality of the process equipment. The concentrate water on the 1st pass RO, which is around 9,433 GPD, is then fed into another Brackish Water RO unit. This process will recover more water that can then be used in the loop together with the concentrate waste water of the 2nd pass. The concentrate water of this BWRO, which is around 4,412 GPD, goes to their treatment plant as waste water.
  • The process water used in the plant, which is around 6,000 GPD, now has to be recycled and re-used for this same loop. In place is a UF filter and a cartridge filter to remove the Suspended Solids from this rather good quality water and the permeate goes back as feed water into the whole system.

This system is able to reduce the amount of water needed by the plant from the city water supply by almost 55%. The plant needs to have 15 GPM of feed water from the raw water tank, but since we are able to recycle most of the water, the customer only needed to get around 6.6 GPM from the city. Pure Aqua has helped save an average of 8.4 GPM of city water. 

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What is Sea Water Desalination?

The Desalination industry is relatively small; however it is a growing market. While water is plentiful, over 97% is too salty for human consumption. Desalination companies utilize the unlimited supply of seawater and through Reverse Osmosis or distillation, create potable water by removing the salts.Desalination systems consist of seawater intake (open or beach well), pre-treatment [...]

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What is RO Antiscalant?

Antiscalant chemicals are used to prevent the scaling & fouling of the RO membranes. Scale may consist of mineral fouling such as calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, silica, calcium fluoride, and strontium sulfate. The Antiscalant dosing should be done before reaching the RO membranes to break up sulfate precipitates, calcium carbonate, and other mineral [...]

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What is UV Sterilization?

In the world of water purification and treatment, having an Ultraviolet or UV sterilizer can make your water healthier and prolong the life of water that has been treated and processed. What a UV sterilizer does is it further cleans the water and kills any of those nasty little bacteria and microorganisms that can still [...]

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What is Water Softening?

Water softening is a key step in treating hard or raw water. Without this step, minerals and materials in raw water such as calcium, magnesium and various others can build up to damage the water treatment equipment; specifically the membranes used to clean water. Removal of these materials can be achieved by ion exchange.This process [...]

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What is Water Filtration?

Multi-media water filter systems are ideally suited for use where stringent water quality standards are required or where higher levels of suspended solids are present. These applications can include re-use applications, water pre-treatment applications for reverse osmosis and deionization systems or as a pre-treatment system prior to disposable bag or cartridge filters.Multi-media filters remove suspended [...]

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Seawater RO Machine 4,700 GPD - Kuwait

Pure Aqua, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems in addition to seawater RO machines. In January 2011, Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied a seawater RO machine to a major company in Kuwait. The SW-4.7K-504 machine was designed to produce 4,700 GPD at a maximum 40,000 PPM feed water TDS. The machine was selected [...]

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UV Sterilizer Unit - USA

Pure Aqua supplied UV Sterilization and cartridge filtration for a major beverage company in Southern California.Date: June 2004Country: United StatesSystem/Product: UV Sterilizer

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Industrial Brackish Water RO System - Egypt

Pure Aqua manufactured and supplied two industrial brackish water RO units to Coca Cola company in Egypt, complete with pre and post treatment equipment using advanced PLC control.Brackish water reverse osmosis would work to purify water that comes from a well, lake, or river. Brackish water is typically a combination of pure water and seawater [...]

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Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System - Lebanon

Pure Aqua supplied SWRO units for livestock applications for a Lebanese livestock importing company.Seawater reverse osmosis systems are built for highly inconsumable water sources like the sea, removing enormous amounts of salt and other contaminants from them.  Denying salts, particulates, and other contaminants from carrying on, water molecules are only permitted through the tiny pores of [...]

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