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Industrial Desalination Systems for Singapore

Singapore Yacht Club

In December 2006, Pure Aqua successfully supplied 3 X 50TPD 440V/3Ph/60Hz & 6 X 30TPD 415V/3Ph/50Hz customized Industrial Desalination systems to the Singapore Yacht Club.

System :
Feed water to the system is from sea water, TDS of about 35,000 PPM. The SW-13K-1380 & SW-8.0K-1280 Sea Water Reverse Osmosis systems were modified from our SWI Series. Pre-treatment of raw water includes media filtration to remove suspended solids down to 25 microns and antiscalant dosing to prevent fouling the membranes. The Desalination Systems consist of 5-micron cartridge filters to reduce feed water Silt Density Index (SDI) and to limit the SS to 5 microns. The systems also has an advanced microprocessor with permeate water divert option and fresh water flush.

The SW-13K-1380 SWRO system was designed to produce 50cmd and the SW-8.0K-1280 SWRO was designed to produce 30cmd, both at 35,000 ppm feed TDS. Since the time of its start-up in February 2007, the plants have been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting.

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