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reverse osmosisAs a premier water treatment company, Pure Aqua, Inc. is one of the global leaders in designing, manufacturing, and exporting reverse osmosis units, desalination plants, and waste water treatment systems.

Depending on your water application needs, Pure Aqua, Inc.’s team of talented engineers and devoted staff can provide you with industry standard units and systems. If your application needs are more specialized, Pure Aqua, Inc. can supply custom designs to fit your requirements.

Along with reverse osmosis units and desalination plants, Pure Aqua, Inc. offers a wide range of water system components such as, water softeners and systems, media water filter systems, fiberglass and steel tanks, deionization units, filter housings, pressure vessels, various name brands of membranes, ozonation systems, cleaning skids, chemical dosing systems, antiscalant chemicals, and much more.

Along with the water treatment units and their components, filters are a huge aspect of the water treatment process. At Pure Aqua, Inc., reverse osmosis filters are very popular in the purification method. From Birm to AG, Carbon to Multimedia, filters are essential in ensuring that your water is properly purified and filtered. They also help to keep the membranes from fouling and the systems clean. Only the best industry name brand filters are used for all of Pure Aqua, Inc.’s water treatment and desalination systems.

The dedicated team at Pure Aqua, Inc. is committed to ensuring you receive the best and most up to date systems and units available on the market. Always aware of new industry trends and designs, the engineers at Pure Aqua, Inc. strive to provide their customers with the latest and greatest purification systems.

reverse osmosisWith such a competitive market, the sales staff at Pure Aqua, Inc. is devoted to providing you with the right system at the best price possible. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will do our best to help guide you in the right direction. Our friendly sales staff is always on hand to answer any and every question or request.

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