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The FilmTec Corporation is a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company and part of the Dow Water & Process Solutions business. They make high-quality reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements for a wide variety of industrial, municipal and commercial water applications.

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FILMTEC BW30-400 Membrane Elements

BW30-400 elements, high quality permeates, are the product of choice.

DOW FILMTEC BW30-400 elements are the product of choice when high quality permeates are required. It is widely used in new equipment and retrofits where system capital and productivity ....more->


FILMTEC SW30HRLE-400 Membrane Elements

The FILMTEC SW30HRLE-400 Lifetime High Performance Operation

The FILMTEC SW30HRLE-400 delivers high performance over the operating lifetime without the use of oxidative post-treatments and provides high NaCl and boron rejection to help meet World....more->


FILMTEC XLE-440 Membrane Elements

XLE-440 low energy, high productivity brackish water reverse osmosis element.

The DOW FILMTEC XLE-440 is an extra low energy, high productivity brackish water reverse osmosis element designed to deliver high quality water at low operating costs for municipal and ....more->


FILMTEC NF90-400 Membrane Elements

NF90-400 nanofiltration high area, high productivity element.

The DOW FILMTEC NF90-400 nanofiltration element is a high area, high productivity element designed to remove a high percentage of salts, nitrates, iron, and organic compounds such as pe....more->


FILMTEC NF270-400 Membrane Elements

NF270-400 removes a high percentage of TOC and THM precursors.

The DOW FILMTEC NF270-400 element is designed to remove a high percentage of TOC and THM precursors while having a medium to high salt passage and medium hardness passage. It is an idea....more->


FILMTEC BW30-365 Membrane Elements

DOW FILMTEC BW30-365 Proven Consistent High Performance

DOW FILMTEC BW30-365 provides consistently high performance and maximum element life when treating difficult feed waters. This element offers proven performance, high rejection, and exc....more->


FILMTEC BW30-400/34i Membrane Elements

BW30-400/34i ultimate trouble-free, high-productivity, performance.

The DOW FILMTECBW30-400/34i element is the ultimate element for durable, high-rejection, high-productivity performance in high fouling or challenging feed conditions, enabling trouble-f....more->


FILMTEC BW30-440i Membrane Elements

The DOW FILMTEC BW30-440i High-Productivity Element

The DOW FILMTECBW30-440i element is a high-productivity element combining the highest active membrane area available with the high rejection BW30 membrane. It is designed to minimize ca....more->


FILMTEC BW30FR-365 Membrane Elements

DOW™ FILMTEC™ BW30FR-365 purifying high bio-fouling feed waters since 1997.

DOW™ FILMTEC™ BW30FR-365 elements have purified high biofouling feed waters since 1997. Numerous customers around the world have experienced lower operating costs by using D....more->


FILMTEC BW30FR-400 Membrane Elements

DOW FILMTECBW30FR-400 reverse osmosis elements incorporate Dow's proprietary FR (fouling resistant)membrane technology that provides excellent fouling resistance and cleanability and ar....more->

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FilmTec elements from Dow feature a spiral wound design and are based on the FT30 thin-film composite polyamide membrane, which has long been the industry standard for RO performance. The FilmTec FT30 membrane consists of three layers: an ultra-thin polyamide barrier layer, a microporous polysulfone interlayer, and a high-strength polyester support web. The FT30 membrane has been continuously updated and refined to provide higher rejection, improved membrane flux, and low fouling performance. Today's FT30 membrane is uniquely uniform in performance and quality, without the taped or glued defects that can cause other membranes to fail. Good understanding and execution of the basics of reverse osmosis can minimize troublesome and costly problems in the future.

Thin-Film Composite (TFC Membrane) design
The TFC membrane consists of three layers: a polyester support web, a microporous polysulfone interlayer, and an ultrathin barrier coating on the top surface.

FilmTec thin-film composite membranes (TFC membranes) are the world’s leading RO membrane for water purification systems. To date, more than 1,000,000 FilmTec membranes have been installed in water treatment systems worldwide. 

Dow FilmTec Membranes

Tapwater Commercial RO

 2.5"x40” and 4"x40” membranes, TW30, XLE, LP, BW30, TW30HP

Tapwater Industrial RO

 4”x40” and 8”x40” membranes, l BW30, BW30LE, LE, XLE, FR, RO, HSRO

Seawater RO Elements

 2.5"x40”, 4”x40” and 8"x40” Seawater membranes, SW30, SW30HR, SW30HRLE

Nanofiltration Elements

 4”x40” and 8"x40” Nanofiltration membranes, NF90, NF270, NF200, NF

Semiconductor Grade

 8" Dia. Semiconductor SG, SG30