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Over time the membranes become dirty and clogged with all types of colloidal, organic, inorganic, and biological materials and need to be cleaned. Our membrane cleaning system clean the membranes and prolongs the lifespan by double or even triple the normal lifespan.

Membrane Cleaning Systems CS Series

Cleaning Skid Series

The cleaning skid is designed for manual operation through a local control box located on the skid. A chemical storage tank is mounted on its own stand and connected to the skid with ei....more->


Fouling is the main culprit that causes membranes to stop working properly. It can be caused by many different things such as: Calcium build up, fungi, polymers, silica, sand, you name it. All manner of contaminants pass through reverse osmosis and sea water desalination systems, causing the membranes to foul or clog.


With a wide range of systems for your unit size, you are guaranteed a quality membrane cleaning system.