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Pure Aqua offers high quality ion exchange resin, water softener resin and filtration media with similar performance as many other well-known brands. Pure Aqua also stocks many of the well-known brands in water filtration media and resin, including Clack, Thermax, Ion pure, Purolite. We also stock large quantities of these products for immediate delivery. Our media and resin are priced very competitively.

Pure Aqua Filter Media and Resin

Pure Aqua Sand and Gravel

Pure Aqua Sand and Gravel are naturally occurring and exhibit excellent chemical properties such as high silica content and low soluble calcium, magnesium and iron compounds which satis....more->


Media and resin are necessary components of some forms of water filtration. Depending on what you are looking to filter out, different types of sands can be used to meet any challenge. Different kinds of media can adjust the pH of water, remove soluble ions, enable the exchange of cations and anions, as well as reduce chlorine, change taste, and eliminate odors. These are only a few of the capabilities of different kinds of filtration media and resins.