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Sub Title: FAS, FAC Series Single Cartridge Housing

Shelco's proven single shell design has been a standard in the industry for over 30 years. Available in 304L Stainless Steel or Cast Iron Head with a Steel body, this series is perfect for almost any application. The maximum design working pressure is 250 P.S.I. (17 bar) @ 275 (135). The FA Series is available in a connection size to fit your application as well as a wide variety of gasket options. The standard gasket material is Buna-N. Please refer to our ordering guide for a complete list of options or contact one of our technical specialist for help.

Category: Other Water Treatment Brands > Water Filtration Products Brand: Shelco Filters

Uses for Single Cartridge Housings

Designed for industrial and commercial filter applications

Heavy duty construction for maximum durability
Various materials of construction for wide range of process
-- 304L or 316L stainless steel
-- Brass nickel plated head with 304L SS body
-- Cast Iron Head with a steel body
• Accepts Double Open-End (DOE) cartridges
• Available with 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" connections.
• Numerous gasket options for compatibility with most fluids
• Bolt-nut-closure design for quick cartridge change outs
(T-handle optional)
• In line connections for easy installation
• Knife edge seals at both end of cartridge housing eliminate
potential bypass.

Maximum Operating Pressure

250 psig (17 bar) @ 275°F (135°C)
125 psig (8.6 bar) @ 200°F (93.3°C): FAC-15 Series
Inlet /Outlet: 1/2", 3/4" or 1" FNPT
1/4" and 3/8" only available for FAC Series
Optional: RF Flanges, Sanitary Ferrules, BSP
Drain Port: 1/8" NPT (1/4" for FO-38 models)
Optional: EPR, Silicone, Viton, Teflon, Neoprene, Vellumoid
Materials of Construction
Head / Shell: FAS - 304L or 316L Stainless Steel
FAC - Cast iron head / carbon steel
Drain: FAS - Stainless Steel Plug
FAC - Brass Petcock
- Vent Port with Vent Screw
- Gauge Ports
- Bracket Kit
- Variable Spring Load Seal
- Tee Handle
See Ordering Guide for complete selection of options


Single Cartridge Housings with Bolt & Nut Closure for Double Open Ended Cartridges for Air and Gas Applications.

  • 304L or 316L Stainless Steel, Brass Nickel Plated Head with 304L Stainless Steel Body or Cast Iron Head with a Steel Body - Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Maximum operating pressure: 250 PSI (17 bar) @ 275°F (135°C).
  • Available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" connection sizes. connection sizes
  • Wide variety of gasket options for compatibility with almost any fluid
  • Designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs
  • Simple Bolt & Nut closure for quick cartridge change outs (T-handle optional)
  • In line fittings for easy installation (standard FNPT, flanged, sanitary (TC) or BSP connections)
  • Knife edge seal provides positive sealing of double-open-ended cartridges

  • Water
  • Desalination
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Electronics
  • Oil / Gas
  • Air
  • Inks / Paints / Coatings
  • Gases
  • Pulp & Paper