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The Cabinet Series water softener is designed specifically to remove high levels of dissolved solids that create "hard water" conditions, principally Calcium and Magnesium. These systems provide an economical solution for treating scale build-up in home appliances like water heaters, washing machines, coffee makers, dish washers, and humidifiers. They also eliminate the soap scum build-up in sinks and showers.

SKU: SF-Cabinet Category: Ion Exchange Systems > Water Softeners Brand: Pure Aqua Other Names: Residential Water Softener System, Triplex Resin Ion Exchange Machine, Fleck Control Valve Water Softening Unit, Municipal Fiberglass Duplex Softener

SF-Cabinet Series

Heavy Duty Powerhead

The heart of the system features a single, heavy-duty motor. Used to time regeneration cycles, it is both reliable and economical.

System Cabinet

Contains the regenerant used in refreshing the system's media bed.

Integrated Resin Tank

The resin tank, which is housed within the brine cabinet, contains the filtering media of the system which removes impurities.

Cabinet material Polyethylene
Cover material Polystyrene
Salt lid material Polystyrene
Control panel material ABS
Nominal Dimensions
Overall height with cover 44-1/2½ 25-1/2½
Brine cabinet height(less cover) 36½ 18½
Width 12-1/2½ 12-1/2½
Depth 22½ 22½
Additional Information
Salt capacity and brine well installed 225 lbs. (approx.) 10½ x 35½ tank   110 lbs. (approx.) 10½ x 16½ tank
Estimated shipping weight 18 lbs. 12 lbs.
Temperature 34° - 110° F 34° - 110° F

Cabinet Style-Rectangular RT Style
Model No. Resin Cubic Feet Vessel Size Cabinet Size Max. Grain Capacity
RT-610 0.33 6 x 35 12 x 20 x 45 10K
RT-715 0.5 7 x 35 12 x 20 x 45 15K
RT-818 0.6 8 x 35 12 x 20 x 45 18K
RT-923 0.75 9 x 35 12 x 20 x 45 22.5K
RT-1030 1 10 x 35 12 x 20 x 45 30K
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The Pure Aqua residential water softeners include the following features:
  • Durable filament wound mineral tanks consisting of a rotationally molded polyethylene liner and a high strength epoxy/fiberglass outer shell. Tanks are corrosion resistant and are Tested.
  • Brine tanks and cabinet enclosures are constructed of rugged, seamless, one-piece molded polyethylene. They are lightweight, yet strong enough not to crack or leak.
  • High quality softening resin.
  • Quartz gravel support beds. Our products are backed by a solid guarantee including;
  • Control valves
  • Mineral tanks and brine tanks or cabinets enclosures Optional accessories are also available for many of these products.

Product Features:
System Options:
  • Sleek and compact appliance style design
  • Designed for mineral tanks up to 10½ x 35½ tall
  • Direct access to electronic functions with integrated face plate
  • Blow-molded cabinet with injection-molded cover and salt lid
  • Brine compartment and valve are easily accessible under removable cover
  • Large salt opening with easily detached snap-fit lid
  • Molded features at top and bottom of cabinet hold mineral tank in place
  • Integral side handles allow easy installation and positioning
  • Space saving footprint
  • Electrical: 120V/60Hz or 220v/50Hz
  • 120V / 60 HZ with Power Cord
  • 3/4" or 1" Noryl Yoke
  • 2310 Safety Brine Valve
  • Meter - Standard Range
  • Extended Range Meter
  • 24V Conversion with Transformer
  • 220V Conversion with Euro Cord
  • Auxillary Switch
  • Brass Yoke, NPT or Sweat 3/4"
  • Brass Yoke, NPT or Sweat 1"
  • Noryl Bypass
  • Brass Bypass, 3/4" or 1"
  • Designed for 5600 and ProFlo valves with SE electronics
  • Available in contemporary Cool Gray or Almond
  • Outdoor version for standard mechanical 5600, or 5600SE and ProFloSE with blind face plate Cabinet

Typical Applications
  • Plumbing
  • General Cleaning
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Bathroom