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Pure Aqua, Inc. provides a complete range of chemical dosing pumps and industrial water pumps. We provide services for in house design, manufacture and installation of chemical dosing and industrial water systems suitable for a wide range of applications.

Chemical Dosing Systems CDS Series

Chemical Dosing Systems

The Pure Aqua CDS series chemical dosing systems offer a wide range of capacities to meet various chemical treatment applications. Each system includes the chemical metering pump and po....more->


PA0100 Antiscalant

Antiscalants RO Chemicals

Without RO chemicals, even the highest quality membranes begin to foul after prolonged use, requiring cleaning or replcement. This process is not only time consuming, but can be extreme....more->

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Chemical Dosing Systems (CDS) are used in applications that require the mixing, storage and accurate dosing of specialized chemical reagents. Chemical dosing systems are used in applications such as water purification, chemical/food processing, mining, petroleum, utilities, wastewater/water treatment, turbidity removal, pharmaceutical facilities, neutralizes acidic water, scale prevention, and livestock water treatment.

To acquire efficient and effective operation, chemicals are dosed into membrane treatment systems. To achieve optimal long-term plant performance, dosing the correct chemical at the optimum rate and in an effective manner is important. The chemicals that are commonly dosed into membrane systems are chlorine (often in feed), antiscalant, coagulant, acid (occasionally), de-chlorination, and biocide.

At last, a single supplier for all your chemical dosing requirements, from pumps and skid mounted units to complete chemical dosing systems and packages. Pure Aqua, Inc. provides products and services for a wide range of industrial water, effluent and process applications RO pretreatment. From pre chlorination, RO chemicals, dechlorination, pH treatment, pH neutralization (pH correction), post chlorination and post pH treatment. 


RO chemicals help to greatly reduce deposits, impurities, and scale in your system’s membranes. Antiscalants, antifoulants and RO powder cleaners are specially designed chemicals that keep these contaminants from attaching to the membrane surface.
Pure Aqua, Inc. offers a full line of RO chemicals that are specially designed to help keep your membrane systems clean and free from fouling. 

Pure Aqua, Inc. RO Chemicals offer a variety of performance and application benefits such as being:

·         Compatible with all membrane types

·         Highly effective at low dose rates in a wide range of feed water types and pH ranges.

·         Compatible with polyelectrolytes

·         Both scale controllable and inorganic fouling controllable