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A pair of multimedia filter systems were completed for a major company in Iraq in October of 2014. One of these systems has a flow rate of five hundred gallons per minute, and the other has a flow rate of four hundred gallons per minute. Each of these multimedia systems is filled with sand, anthracite, and gravel, which are best for general filtration of more common contaminants. Designed to reduce turbidity, these filters will remove contaminants like sand, silt, calcium, clay, s....more

In August of 2014, a pair of identical commercial tap water reverse osmosis systems were completed for a major company in Venezuela. Each of these systems is capable of producing seven thousand five hundred gallons of high quality permeate daily from a well water feed. With an intake of two thousand PPM total dissolved solids, the permeate quality will be less than fifty PPM total dissolved solids. Each of these reverse osmosis systems are capable of rejecting most contaminants, i....more

A set of five commercial reverse osmosis systems were manufactured for a major company in the UAE. They are scheduled to ship in October of 2014. The five identical systems each have an output of fifteen hundred gallons of water daily. Each of these systems also features a concentrate recirculation system, which allows them to send the reject water through the membranes a second time, allowing for improved recovery rates. This can be an advantage in that each reverse osmosis syste....more

A commercial tap water reverse osmosis unit was completed for a major company in the Dominican Republic in August of 2014. The system is capable of producing six thousand gallons of fresh water daily from a tap a well water feed. The system comes with a number of pretreatment steps. Initially, there is a multimedia filter for general particulate removal. This is followed by an activated carbon filter to remove foul odors, tastes and smells from the water as well as chlorine. Next,....more

In August of 2014, four media filters were manufactured for a major company in Chile. These identical systems each have a flow rate of twenty gallons per minute. The media filters are filled with green sand, a material that excels at filtering manganese and iron specifically. Designed with a sturdy fiberglass tank, these green sand filters are built to last, and will be a cost-effective solution for reducing the iron and manganese content in water for years to come.....more