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Pure Aqua manufactured industrial reverse osmosis equipment for a major company in Ecuador. In the equipment is an industrial reverse osmosis device from our RO-400 series and two chemical dosing systems. From a groundwater feed, the equipment can dechlorinate, treat, and purify water of no more than 3,000 PPM TDS at a rate of 87,000 GPD. ....more

Pure Aqua successfully manufactured a membrane cleaning skid for a major company in Sri Lanka. The skid is designed to pump cleaning chemicals through three membrane pressure vessels simultaneously at a rate of 30 GPM. The skid was designed with a 5 micron cartridge filter, full PVC piping and valves, and a chemical solution tank with a cover. The skid was selected from our CS Series. ....more

Pure Aqua designed and shipped a collection of reverse osmosis water systems to a major company in Sri Lanka. The collection includes five identical reverse osmosis systems from our RO-200 series, seven chemical injection systems, and ten identical multimedia filters selected from our MF-400 series. The reverse osmosis water systems are capable of producing 4,500 GPD of potable, high-quality product from a municipal tap-water feed of no more than 1,000 PPM TDS. ....more

Pure Aqua completed a containerized carbon filtration system for a mine in the United States. The system was designed with five carbon filtration tanks controlled by a single advanced PLC. The tanks run in parallel with each other, and each is capable of going through a backwash cycle while the other four continue to produce clean, potable product water. The system is capable of producing up to 520 GPM. Each of the tanks was chosen from our MF-1000 series. ....more

A reverse osmosis water system was designed and manufactured for a major company in Ecuador. The system includes a water softener and activated carbon filter for pretreatment. The system can produce 600 GPD from a tap-water feed of 1,000 PPM TDS. The reverse osmosis water system, selected from our RO-200 series, comes standard with high-pressure tubing and FRP pressure vessels. ....more